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Microprocessor Controlled Prosthetic Knee and Ankle Systems

Microprocessor prosthetics provide a more sophisticated method of control for a prosthetic knee. These more complex knee joints are designed to help you walk with a much more stable closely resembling a natural walking pattern. All microprocessor-controlled knees feature sensors, a microprocessor, software, a resistance system, and a battery

Sports Related Prosthetics

Advanced sports prosthetics enable today’s top athletes to not only participate in their chosen sport but also excel on an international level. Utilizing prosthetics for sports athletes to allow amputees to engage in their favorite sports is not a new concept—the combination of technology and cutting-edge materials.

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Vacuum Assisted Prosthetic Socket Technology

 VASS System has a cushion liner placed directly against the skin, and a suspension sleeve is used to create a seal between the prosthesis and the residual limb. A vacuum pump is also placed below the socket. The pump evacuates air from the system with each step.

There are two different types of pumps available: electric and mechanical. An electric pump is a separate component that works by maintaining the desired socket pressure. Once the pressure level inside the socket falls below a certain threshold, the pump is engaged in drawing air out of the socket. A mechanical pump can either be a separate component or integrated into the prosthetic foot. It removes air from the socket by compressing the pump during each step.

Powered Prosthetic Systems

Body-powered prostheses are one of the most valuable innovations in the current digital era that can restore the ability to pick up, grasp objects, and assist human’s sound hand.

Components of a body-powered prosthesis include:

  • A custom-tailored socket
  • A terminal device such as a hook or hand
  • A wrist unit
  • An harness and cable system
  • Above elbow prostheses will include an elbow unit
  • Shoulder disarticulation prostheses will include an elbow and a shoulder
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Myoelectric Systems for Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Myoelectric prostheses, also called computerized, bionic, microprocessor prostheses of the upper extremity, are sophisticated alternatives to standard body-powered devices used to replace upper extremities absent due to trauma, disease, or congenital causes.

This also means that they are not driven by the patient’s muscle strength but with the aid of electric power.


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